Funeral Planning

Funeral Planning Checklist

Planning a Funeral can be overwhelming. The Below information will guide you through the process, and provide access to resources at each step.

a. Therapy – This is not an easy process so it’s okay to enlist the help of a professional

b. Meditation/ Quiet Reflection/ Prayer

c. Think about the wishes of the deceased (check the will if there is one)

d. Select a Theme- Traditional or unique method to honor the deceased

e. Select a Team- You will likely have close family or friends who are willing to help. Let them.

f. Create a planning team email group, text group, and/or whatsapp group.

a. Select Internment method: Burial, Entombment, Cremation, bio-urn, …

b. Select location

c. Ceremony Type: Traditional funeral w/ casket and wake, Memorial service, ...

d. Purchase Burial plot, casket or urn

a. Engage your team to help

b. Select Clergy & ceremony location

c. Select funeral home. See How to select a Funeral Home and Director.

d. Decide on a date/ time

e. Decide whether there will be a wake, funeral, memorial, repast, family gathering

f. Eulogy- Select one or more people to do the eulogy

g. Reading- Select Scriptures, Poems or other material to be read at the service and select people to do this

h. Music – Select song & hymns to be used at the service

i. Plan the attire for the deceased

j. Floral arrangements. You can conveniently shop for flowers here.

k. Find pictures and videos for the memorial

l. Select Pall bearers if there will be a casket

m. Plan for the order of events & create the program

n. Order memorial or obituary cards

a. Memorial Register

b. Memorial/ Obituary Cards

c. Funeral Program

d. Casket

e. Grave Marker

f. Urn

g. Burial Plot

h. Tombstone

a. Select venue: family home, funeral home, restaurant, reception hall

b. Determine who will be invited to get preliminary number of attendees

c. Determine food selection & Order food

d. Send out invitations (use Remember Always profile, email, or text to notify family and friends)

a. Create online memorial with all key information & distribute via email or social websites. See How to create a Life Profile (online memorial)

b. Send Obituary information to the newspaper for publishing (optional)

a. Create a Tribute Fundraiser to support funeral costs, if needed. See How to create a Tribute Fundraiser.

b. Create a Scholarship fund or donation to an affinity group in honor of the deceased .

a. Obtain Death certificates

b. Life insurance

c. Mortgage insurance

d. Pension

e. Retirement Benefits

f. Transfer possessions, auto, boat, camper

g. Probate court

h. Bank account

i. Credit cards

j. Filing federal, state or city income taxes

k. Insured loans and credit card claims

l. Bereavement leave

Take some time for yourself to focus on grieving and you time; Also consider others that are equally affected and connect with them

mail, email or social media, and post on Remember Always profile

Service Provider Directory

Find service providers in your area, such as, funeral homes, crematories, florists, caterers, attorneys, tax advisors, and more.

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Did you know?

A Life Profile can help you to communicate Funeral Services information and help you to centralize pictures and videos in one place.

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Need help with funeral expenses?

A Life Profile with a Tribute Fundraiser is a great choice for getting the help you need during a difficult time

Create a Life Profile with a Tribute Fundraiser

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Visit the Remember Always online community and ask any questions you have about funeral planning or other related topics. You can also share your answers to questions from others.

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