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Create a Life Profile

You can create a vivid Life Profile (online memorial) of a loved one that has passed away. 

The profile can be rich with information about your loved one with sections, such as

  • A Life Bio (which is like an obituary),
  • A Life Timeline,
  • Fun Facts,
  • Affiliations,
  • Picture & Video Gallery,
  • Funeral Service information (if applicable),
  • A conversation section where family and friends can post comments, pictures, and videos

You can easily share a profile with family and friends via email and social media.

It is easy to create a Life Profile and the profile can be updated at any time.

Create a Life Profile


Find a Life Profile

You can search for Life Profiles of loved ones to provide needed support through kind words, sharing memories via stories / pictures / videos, by sending flowers, or contributing to a Tribute Fundraiser.

Find a Life Profile


Share a Life Profile

Family and friends from near and far will be able to participate in the profile by viewing and posting messages, pictures, and videos, and sharing the profile with others. This is a great way to honor the life of your loved one.

You can share Life Profiles via email or social media, such as Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.

This is also a great way to easily share funeral services information.

To share a Life Profile with family and friends via social media, visit the profile page, and then share via the social media icons in the top-right area.

You may also copy the link of the page and share it with family and friends via email or a text message.


Create a Tribute Fundraiser

You can create a fundraiser in honor of your loved one. It will be associated with the Life Profile.

A Tribute Fundraiser can be for a wide variety of purposes, such as, covering funeral expenses, supporting a loved one’s cause, scholarship for your loved one’s children, and more.

Family and friends from near and far will be honored to support you on behalf of your loved one.

To create a Tribute Fundraiser, create a Life Profile and enter the information in the fundraiser tab. If the Life Profile already exists, then edit the Life Profile and enter the fundraiser information.


Contribute to a Tribute Fundraiser

You can contribute to a fundraiser in honor of your loved one. No amount is too small, and your contribution will go a long way during a difficult time.  It will undoubtedly be highly appreciated.

Find the Life Profile of your loved one, and if it has a fundraiser, you can easily donate from the Life Profile.


Online Support Community

You can access your online support community where you can ask questions, read previously posted information, and share information.

Visit the Online Support Community


Service providers

You can use the site to find service providers such as funeral homes, crematories, florists, attorneys, caterers, churches, and others.

Access the Service Provider Directory



Access relevant information, related to things such as, funeral planning, grief coping assistance, tips for covering funeral expenses, and more.

Access funeral planning information, grief coping tips, our blog, and more



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