Create a beautiful online memorial Life Profile
to preserve and share memories.

Remember, honor and celebrate the life of your loved one, together with others, always.

Share his/her life story, funeral information, and memories with pictures and videos.
Create a memorial fundraiser, and more.

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A great way to honor your loved one’s life.

Memorialize & remember
by creating a Free Online Memorial in a few easy steps.


Create a beautiful memorial Life Profile
with only the features you need.

Tell your loved one’s life story beautifully, and preserve memories with stories, photos and videos.

The Life Profile features include a Life Bio (Obituary), Life Timeline (milestones that may embed pictures and videos), Life Gallery (pictures and videos), and more.

You can make it as simple or as robust as you like, and can easily add and update later.

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Share your loved one’s life story vividly.

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Get the support you need.
Others will be honored to help.


Create a Tribute Fundraiser for your loved one’s cause
or to help cover expenses during a difficult time.

Easily add a fundraiser to your loved one’s memorial Life Profile to get support from family and friends, if desired. This can help with funeral expenses, benefit a cause that your loved one held dear, or more. Family and friends will be honored to support.

Fundraiser is free to create.
Nominal service fee on donations only.


Share the memorial Life Profile, remember together,
and support together.

Easily share the Life Profile, including the fundraiser, with family and friends, near and far
Allow others to share memories (stories, pictures, and videos), express support
and sympathy. Remember together and support each other in your loved one’s honor.

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Great memories live on.

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Why create a memorial Life Profile?
There are many benefits for creating an online memorial on
Remember Always. Here are a few …

1. It is a great way to honor the life of a loved one, hero or legend, and showcase their mark on the world.

2. Everyone who knew and loved the person can remember together and support each other.

3. Funeral Arrangements can be easily shared with the Life Profile.

4. A Tribute Fundraiser in support of a loved one’s family, foundation, or charity can be easily added.

5. Messages, pictures, and videos all in one place

6. It’s free, yet very valuable.

7. It is a lasting tribute for future generations.

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