Create a Tribute Fundraiser for your loved one’s
cause or to help cover expenses.

Easily create a fundraiser, as a part of your loved one’s memorial Life Profile, to
get financial support.

This can help with funeral expenses, medical bills, benefit a cause that your loved
one held dear, or more.

Family and friends will be honored to support.

Get StartedFundraiser is free to create.
Nominal service fee on donations only.
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Get the support you need.
Others will be honored to help

Get the help & support you need
by creating a Tribute Fundraiser in a few easy steps


Create a Tribute Fundraiser as a part of
a memorial Life Profile.

You can start by adding the minimum content for your loved one’s Life Profile.

Then complete the Tribute Fundraiser section.

You can easily update it later to make the Life Profile as simple or as robust as you like.

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Easy to create, receive funds quickly.

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Others will be able to easily donate from near and far.


Share the Tribute Fundraiser, as a part of the memorial
Life Profile, and receive the support you need.

Easily share the Life Profile, which includes the Tribute Fundraiser, with family and friends, near and far.

Ohers will be honored to support by donating to your fundraiser. You will receive the donations quickly.

Remember together and support each other in your loved one’s honor.


Why create a Tribute Fundraiser?
There are many possible reasons for creating a Tribute Fundraiser.
Here are a few …

1. To help with funeral expenses

2. Help with outstanding medical bills

3. To benefit the children of your loved one

4. To benefit your loved ones’ charity or cause

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